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Board Meeting Minutes

SPA Board of Directors meeting minutes – February 17, 2018

Meeting called to order 2/17/18 at 3:42 p.m. in Saline Valley 

 Directors present included


(Oregon John) John Runkle
(Red Molly) Michelle Hamilton
(Farmer Fred) Fred Dickson
Bonneau Dickson
(Flipper) Mike Ramsey

3:45 p.m. the meeting was called to order by John Runkle and seconded by Bonneau Dickson.
1.  John Runkle said the Park Management Plan is in the registry and when it is released for public comment, it is imperative that SPA and the user community address it quickly.   The Board agreed that every member should “immediately” read the Park Management Plan in its entirety and outline any issues that would affect the Saline Valley user community.  Each SPA Board member must come up with recommendations and “talking points”.  A SPA meeting via Skype or any means must happen quickly so that SPA can address each member’s recommendations and “talking points”.   

The Secretary will produce a SPA approved Newsletter to send to all SPA members (voting and nonvoting) in regards to the Park Management Plan.  It is important for the Saline Valley user community to have specific issues because they may not have time to read the document and it is important that Saline Valley speak as one voice.  The newsletter would also contain the various ways to contact the Park Service to send that message. SPA may elect to have a suggested communication template for users to assist those not familiar with this process.  

·         It should be noted prior to this time, members should have mock Skype meetings so that there will not be any problems in future full SPA Board meetings. 

2.  The issue of the burro problem was brought up.  The burros are trained to raid food, yet there are many that visit the springs that love the burros.  SPA should do a better job to educate people coming to the springs about the damage the burros can do and how to protect their items from the burros.  There was discussion that the Park Service is well aware of this problem and it is up to the Park Service to address it, not SPA’s. 

3.  The issue of the “hostile/negative” environment that many perceive when commenting on the Saline Preservation Association (SPA) Forum was brought up outside the meeting by Major Tom to some of the SPA Board members.  The SPA Board discussed what could be done to clear this up.  There are two moderators for the Forum, John Runkle and Bob Renton.  Tom Ganner is the website administrator.  John Runkle said as a moderator, he only had the ability to delete a post and perhaps more rights should be given to these moderators or more moderators added.  There is a need to “play nice” that is not happening and needs to be addressed.  Oregon John said he would reach out to Tom Ganner.  Michelle Hamilton said she would look into the Saline Facebook pages and see if perhaps they were doing something that could work on the forum to improve what it was meant to do.  Maybe even a header to remind those on the forum this is a place to exchange road conditions and camping tips etc.    

It was clarified that joining the SPA Forum did not make you a member of SPA.  Only those requesting to someone on the SPA Board via donations, email, or writing a board member, could become a SPA member.  They would do this by giving out their email address.  If that person included their mailing address, that made them a voting member.  The address was a way in the past to gather votes using the US Post Office.  While SPA no longer mails ballets for votes, it has still maintained that voting members have an address in order to know they are a “person” and therefore eligible to vote.   

4.  The SPA Board discussed the upcoming maintenance needs for the Sunrise tub. Fred Dickson brought up that he had discussions with Lee and he would fill in the cracks at the Sunrise if he were reimbursed for materials.  Other issues were the need for a new valve for the Sunrise in order to divert the water for maintenance.  Mike Ramsey will be coordinating that effort and May was a tentative time to do that.   

5.  Michelle brought up the need for a SPA approved Newsletter to the user community letting them know about the maintenance project past and present and any other issues.  This would inform the users about SPA’s role in maintaining the hot springs through the donations received.   

6.  There was talk of a second toilet for the upper springs.  This subject is one that comes up frequently and outside the realm of what SPA does.  A second toilet would not be considered maintenance. However, SPA decided it would be a good idea to at least identify the costs involved with the installation and maintenance of a second toilet.  Then the next time someone inquired, SPA could say,


 that would cost ____ to build and ___ to maintain.  Who knows maybe that person would have a huge pocket book or influence with the Park Service. Mike Ramsey said that he could get a ball park quote.

 4:46 p.m. John Runkle made a motion to adjourn the meeting. 



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