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Board Meeting Minutes

SPA Board of Directors meeting minutes – June 27, 2017

 Meeting called to order 6/27/17 at 8:00 p.m. via Skype. 

 Directors present included


 (Oregon John) John Runkle
(English John) John Dukes

(Red Molly) Michelle Hamilton
(Farmer Fred) Fred Dickson

(Flipper) Michael Ramsey

(Timbo) Tim Hynes

8:00 p.m. Meeting starts, called to order by John Runkle.
1.  The Board discussed the installation of “Dust Control” signs in Saline Valley.  Tim Hynes said he vetted this through Jonathan Penman-Brotzman, National Park Service via e-mail.  According to Jonathan, the Park Service would not have a problem as long as the sign met park standards and preferably was placed on an existing post.  He added the children playing style sign might do the trick.  Tim Hynes agreed to forward Jonathan’s email response to the board and get back to him to see how SPA could move forward. 

2.  John Dukes formally announced his resignation as an active SPA Board member, but agreed to stay on as a consultant, much as Major Tom continues to help the SPA Board.  John Dukes said he would stay on as Treasurer and Board member till the month of September and assist in the transition. Michelle Hamilton said she resides in Nevada and was more familiar with the nonprofit status originally established, and would also assist. Tim Hynes recommended the Board consider Gary Kremen to replace English John’s place. He said he would reach out to him.


3. The Board discussed future repairs needed for the maintenance of the Sunrise tub.  The proposed time would be next spring, and between now and then, the Board needed to recruit volunteers and evaluate what materials would be needed.  In addition, the Board needed to clear this with Lee and consider an e-mail out to a select group so as to not have too many volunteers.  John Dukes told the Board there was approximately $3,000 in the SPA account.   


8:50 p.m. John Runkle adjourned the meeting. 


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